Frederick Forsyth – The veteran – Whispering Wind

Wow! That’s a great story!

I read this story a couple of years ago, but forgot in which book it was. Turned out it was in ‘the veteran’.  Story 5 in the book, In my opininion the best.
It’s kind of a ‘time-travelling’ story, but not in anyway like the SF of BTTF stories.

‘Forsyth’s tale of the Indian wars in 1876, in which we discover that a frontier scout survived the massacre at the Little Bighorn. The scout’s love for a Cheyenne woman, a magical tale that spans two different historical periods, makes for compulsive reading.’

You can buy it here


One response to “Frederick Forsyth – The veteran – Whispering Wind

  1. Yes, I agree, -A great story, expertly crafted. It enlightens us of life in another era, of the Native Indian moral values of self reliance and respect for people, animals, and the land. It cleverly contrasts these against human values in modern times, along with the contrasts of technology, modern transport, and methods of communication. It paints a picture that a life in those days could be simple and fullfilling.

    I really like the work of Frederick Forsyth, -his novels are diverse, interesting, very well researched with ots of accurate detail that sets the scene so well. His novels and short stories are both equally compelling. (I wish I had the gift to be able to write like that)! ‘Avenger’ is just superb.

    If you liked the time shift theme of ‘Whispering Wind’, you would enjoy ‘Timeline’ by Michael Crichton -again a supebly crafted novel, depicting the stark contrast of the way of life in the Middle Ages.

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