DJ EmDee Yearmix 2007

Another great yearmix, this mix made by Martin Drenth (or DJ Emdee).

You can download his mix at his website. Click on downloads.

Leave your comments on the mix on this site, then i’ll forward them to martin, or post them in HIS guestbook.

Enjoy The mix!!Intro
Christina Aguilera                   – Candyman
Kate Nash                             – Foundations
Eve ft.Sean Paul                    – Give it you
Rihanna ft.Jayz                      – Umbrella
Xyp                                     – Confessions
Gwen Stefanie                    – 4 in the morning
Beyonce ft. Shakira            – Beautifull Liar
Natasha Beddingfield         – Say it again
Rihanna ft. Neyo               – Hate that I love you
Sean Kingston                  – Me love
Lucas Prata                      – All the girls
Razorlight                        – America
Leaf                                – Wonder woman
Fictionplane                    – 2 sisters
Juannes                          – Me enamora
R.h.c.peppers                 – Desecration smile
Sally Anthony                – Goodbye
P.sqoud ft. B.power       – Non stop
Pat Monahan                  – Her eyes
Mario                             – How do I breathe
Masta                             – Everything I own
Christina Aguilera           – Slow down
Evanesense                    – Sweet sacrifice
Diddy ft. C. Aguilera     – Tell me
John Legend                 – Stereo
Brick Lace                    – Love is wicked
Robby Williams             – Lovelight
Brace                            – Pomp in time
Kelly Rowland              – Work
Eve                               – Tamborine
Nelly Furtado                – All good things
Fall out boy                   – This aint..
Brahim                          – So into you
E.Ramazoti R.Martin    – Non siamo
Lumidee ft. T.Sunshine – She`s like..
Xyp                                – Body to body
Hadise                            – A good kiss
J.Status ft. Rihanna         – Roll it
Jos Stone                        – Tell me
John Legend                   – PDA
Tokio Hotel                    – Monsoon
Timbaland                      – The way I are
E.Eglesias                       – Ping pong song
Nelly Furtado                 – Say it
Lucy Walsh                    – So uncool
Take That                       – Reach out
Pachanga                        – Loco
Marquess                        _ Vayamos Companeros
I.O.S.                              – Open
Mika                               – Relax
James Blunt                    – 1973
Rihanna                          – Please don`t stop..
N.Simone vs. Groovefinders – Aint got..
Will .i. AM                     – Got it from my mamma
Akon ft.Enimem             – Smack that
Yes r                               – Beetje verliefd
J.Timberlake                   _ Lovestoned
Nelly Furtado                 – Do it
Jaymen                           – Ooh La Lishious
M.Bubble                       – Everything
Yes R                             – Hey schatje
E.Prydz                          – Proper Education
Cerf.Mitiska  and Jaren – Light the skies
Erotico                           _  Sacalo
Omarion                         – Ice box
D.Guetta                         – Love don’t  leave me
Sunfreekz                       _Counting down the days
Dada                               – Lolipop
Beyoncè                          – Greenlight
Fedde le Grand               – Put your hands up
J. Lo                                – Do it well
Funkerman                      – Wheels in motion
Gregor Salto                   – Toys are nuts
Samin                             – Heater
Tijana                             – Capibara
A.Gaudino                      – Que pasa
A.Gaudino                      – Destination calabria
Fergie                             – Big girls don`t cry
Yves la Rock                  – Rise
S.v.Doorn                       – By any demand
Masters at work             – Work
DJ Jean                          – Sexy lady
Olav Basoski                 – Like dis
Freeks                            – The creeps
Mark Simmons              – Walk like this
September                      – Cry for you
Sandy ft.R.Haze            – Freak
September                     – Can`t get over you
Deepski ft. Jes               – Gohst
Axwell                           – I found you
Sean Kingston               – Beautifull girls
Booty luv                      – Shine
Kate Ryan                     – Voyage
Niels van Gogh             – Pulvertum 2.0
Funkwerkstatt               – Windrose
DJ –Jose                       – Turn the lights off
Rihanna                        – Shut up and drive
Pakito                           – Are you ready
Danii  Minoque            –Touch me like that                                                                                  
The pussycat dolls             – Wait a minute
The partysquad             – Crazy funky style
Fall out boy                       – Thanks for the mms
John Marks                       – Insanity
A.v.Buuren                       – This world is watching me
R.Kantana                         – Another wave
Joop                                  – The future
Carlos                               – Silmarillia
Alex C                              – Du hast den ..
Popgirlz                            – Do the jumpstyle
Carlos                               – Alanda
Jeckyl & Hyde                 – Frozen flame
Loony tunes vs. Doop     – Doop 2007
Jeckel & Hyde                – Time Flies
Fouradi                            – 1 ding
The opp. Ft. W.Wartaal – Dom Lomp Famous

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