Ben Liebrand – Interview about Grandmix 1986 (dutch)

Ben Liebrand started making megamixes in the early 80s. From 1983 to 1992 he made 1-hour mixes (with 100+ tracks!!) called grandmixes (more info on, or Mixhistory). From 2ooo the Grandmix returned in the form of a 3-hour mix (also Sold on 3-CD).

In 1986 he was in a (dutch) TV show called Tineke (Tineke was  the presenter of the show). On the show Ben explained some things about the art of mixing and a some dancers danced on a piece of the grandmix.

For me (and a lot of other mixfans) this was the 1st time we saw Ben in real life. We refer to that time as ‘Ben with hair’…

Julius Thijssen digitised the VHS-video of this interview and has put in in YouTube. Thanks Julius!!!!

The video’s can be seen in the ‘Readmore’

Part 2:

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