Falco Future Megamix (Future Records) + Edited Mix (30+10 min)


Alex (future records) made a great megamix of the (now 10 years ago deceased) german  Austrian singer Falco (remember ‘Rock me Amadeus’ and Jeanny?).

Alex made 2 mixes, one big one (30 min) and one ‘with just the hits’ (10 min). You can download them at his site.

01 Intro
02 Rock me Amadeus
03 Falco rides again
04 Jeanny (FutureEdit)
05 Der Kommissar
06 Push! Push! Push!
07 Vienna Calling
08 Egoïst
09 Outtro


01 Intro
02 Out of the dark (onto the night)
03 Where are you now
04 Munich girls
05 Emotional / Her side of the story
06 Rock me Amadeus
07 Hoch wie nie
08 Falco rides again
09 Sound of Musik
10 Tut-Ench-Amon
11 Jeanny (FutureEdit)
12 Garbo
13 Junge Roemer
14 Maschine brennt
15 Steuermann
16 Der Kommissar
17 Ihre Tochter
18 Untouchable
19 Shake
20 Tango the night
21 Coming home (Ein Jahr danach)
22 Wiener Blut
23 Push! Push! Push!
24 Vienna Calling
25 Naked
26 Egoïst
27 Cyberlove
28 Mutter der mann mit dem Koks ist da
29 Outtro


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