A DJ’s Decade 1984-1994 (part 2) (Okasjon, 1 hour megamix)

Sjon als made part 2 (part 1is here) os his ‘A DJ Decade megamix’.

The playlist:

02-Ben Liebrand ft. Ceejay-Give me an answer-122-CDM-long distance mix
03-4 tops-loco in acapulco-122-CDM-remix
04-Phil collins-Sussudio-122-CD-dance mix
madonna sample true blue laugh
05-miami sound machine-conga-123-CD-remix
06-tatjana-chica cubana-123-Vinyl-12″mix
07-tatjana-awaka boy-123-Vinyl-12″ dance mix
08-Billy ocean-when the going gets tough-124-Vinyl-Extended remix
09-Tag team-Whoomp there it is-124-CDM-Acapella
10-Blue diamonds-summer holliday-124-Vinyl-7″ version
11-Technotronic-Pump up the jam-124-CD-12″ mix
12-Dr. Alban-Sing haleluja-124-CD-Single version
13-level 42-Running in the family-124-CD-Extended mix
14-Eurythmics-Missionary man-125-Vinyl-12″ dance mix
15-Duran duran-the reflex-125-Vinyl-remix
16-Petula clark-Downtown-125-CDM-Slaghuis remix
17-Moses-we just-125-Vinyl-7″ version
18-Prince-When doves cry-125-CD-Album version
Marilyn monroe sample from i wanna be loved by you
19-Candy Dulfer-Saxuality-125-CDM-Ben Liebrand remix
Snap sample from exterminate
20-Guru josh-Infinity-125-CD-7″ version
21-Dingetje-Kaplaarzen-125-CD-7″ version
22-Booming support-Rode schoentjes-125-CD-7″ version
23-Felix-Don’t you want me-125-CD-7″ version
24-Tone loc-Wild thing-125-CD-7″ version
25-Eurythmics-Here comes the rain again-126-CD-7″ version
26-Jeff Wayne-Eve of the war-126-CDM-12″ remix
27-Mory kante-Yeke Yeke-126-Vinyl-Remix
28-Bros-I owe U nothing-126-Vinyl-18 minutes remix
29-Bananarama-Venus-126-Vinyl-Dub mix
30-Pepsi & Shirly-Heartache-126-CD-Extended mix
31-Pepsi & Shirly-Goodbye stranger-126-CD-Extended dance mix
32-ABC-When smokey sings-126-Vinyl-Miami mix
33-Special AKA-Free Nelson mandela-126-CDM-short version
34-Michael Jackson-P.Y.T.-127-CD-7″Version
35-Salt ‘n Pepa-Push it-127-Vinyl-Remix
36-Rednex-Old pop in an oak-127-CDM-Dub mix
37-Erasure-Vouless vous-127-CDM-Dance mix
38-A-Ha-The sun always shines on TV-127-CD-Disconet remix
39-Ice MC-Rainy day-127-CD-7″ version
40-Pet shop boys-It’s a sin-128-Vinyl-Extended remix
41-Depeche mode-Just can’t get enough-128-Vinyl-Live mix
42-2 unlimited-Twilight zone-128-CDM-Rapping rave mix
43-Tony di bart-Do it-128-CD-7″ version
44-Simple minds-Sanctify yourself-128-Vinyl-Extended dub mix
45-Dolly dots-Hearts beat thunder-128-CD-7″ version
46-Dave Stewart ft. Etta James-Avenue D-128-Vinyl-Dance mix
47-Time bandits-Endless road-128-CD-Ben Liebrand mix
48-Rage-Run to you-128-CD-Ultimix
49-Jimmy Sommerville-You make me feel(mighty reel)-128-CDM-Dance remix
50-Pet shop boys-Left to my own devices-128-CD-disconet remix
51-Prince-Thieves in the temple-128-CDM-Remix
52-Diana Ross-Chain reaction-128-CD-Remix
53-Chaka Khan-I feel 4 U-128-Maxi-Megamix
54-Cliff Richard & Young ones-Living doll-129-Maxi-Remix
55-Foreigner-Cold as ice-129-CD-7″version
56-Miquel Brown-So many men,So little time-129-Maxi-Extended mix
57-Dr Alban-It’s my life-129-CDM-Extended radio mix
58-Pet shop boys-Subburbia-129-Maxi-Remix
59-Crash test dummies-Hmmmmmmmm-129-CD-7″version
60-Communards-There’s more to love-129-CDM-Extended remix
61-Bronski beat-Smaltown boy-130-CDM-Remix
62-2 unlimited-No one-130-CD-7″ version
63-Marsha Raven-Catch me-130-CD-Remix
Sample Disney’s ride in the wildernis
64-Tiffany-I think were alone now-130-Maxi-12″ mix
65-Queen-A kind of magic-130-CD-7″version
66-Sinead o’conner-Mandinka-130-CD-7″version
Outhere brothers sample-I wanna fuck u in the *ss
67-Dead or Alive-Spin me round(like a record)-130-CD-Remix
68-Phil Collins & Phil Bailey-Easy lover-130-Maxi-Dance remix
69-Level 42-Heaven in my hands-130-Maxi-U.S.remix
70-E.G.Daily-Love in the shadows-130-Maxi-Extended remix
71-Urban cookie collective-The key, The secret-130-CD-remix
72-2 Unlimited-Maximm overdrive-130-CD-remix
=>Grazy frog sample (yes the frog file is that old hehehe)<=
73-New order-Blue monday-131-Maxi-Extended mix
74-Prodigy-Voodoo people-131-CD-7″version
75-Eurythmics-Would i lie to you-131-Maxi-Remix
76-Go west-We close our eyes-131-Maxi-Extended version
77-Genesis-Home by the sea-131-LP-Album version
78-Genesis-Invisible touch-132-Maxi-12″version
79-20 fingers-short dick man-132-CD-7″version
80-Outhere brothers-Don’t stop-132-CD-7″version
81-Communards-Don’t leave me this way-132-Maxi-Miami mix
82-Frankie goes to hollywood-Two tribes-132-Maxi-Carnage mix
83-Yello-Oh yeah-132-CD-7″version
84-Doop-Doop-132-CDM-12″Doop dub
85-Modo-Eins, zwei polizei-133-CDM-Gendarmerie mix
86-2 unlimited-Twilight zone-134-CD-7″version
87-UB40 & 808 state-1 in 10-135-CDM-Instrumental version
88-Rotterdam termination source-Poing-139-CD-7″version

Downloadable through his site (okaysjon). just click on the ‘record in folder’ image and… PLAY IT LOUD!


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