Download tracks from the 90s-DJ DAMM

Dj DAMM (or Andreas) is a german 90s (and mix)-fan who puts some nice tracks from the 90s on the ‘net for download.

This week:

Alex Party – Read My Lips (Extended Classic)
Booming Support – Rode Schoentjes (Basic Beat Mix)
Cappella – U Got 2 Let The Music (Plus Staples Mix)
Chyp-Notic – I Do It All For You Baby (Long Version)
Culture Beat – Crying In The Rain (Extended Version)
Double You – Heart Of Glass (Club Mix)
General Base – Base Of Love (Part 3 Mix)
Loft – It’s Raining Again (Extended Club Mix)
Maxx – Get A Way (Club Long Mix)
Perplexer – Da Capo (Classic Rave Mix)
Stanley Foort – Love Makes The World Go Round (Special Version)
Twenty 4 Seven – Take Me Away (Rvr Long Version)

Here is his site:–Update-13_05_2008.htm


One response to “Download tracks from the 90s-DJ DAMM

  1. Next!–Update-20_05_2008.htm


    2 Unlimited – Twilight Zone (Jp De Coster Mix)
    Captain Hollywood – Over & Over (Extended ance Mix)
    Cut’n’move – I’m Alive (Tin Tin Out Mix)
    Dr. Alban – It’s My Life (Extended Edit)
    Go! – Let’s All Chant (Club Chant)
    Ice Mc – Give Me The Light (Tek Time Mix)
    London Boys – Baby Come Back (Extended Mix)
    Men Behind – How Can I (Club Mix)
    Mig 29 – Mig 29 (Aventino Remix)
    Positive Connextion – Abracadabra (12” Version)
    Stella Getz – Yeah Yeah (12”Edit)
    U 96 – Das Boot (Class Mix)

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