Weekendfunmix 18-07-2008 (MDMIX, 1 hour megamix)

The world is spinning… and so are the cd’s in Martin’s cdplayers….

This weeks megamix:

1MDMIX Intro
2Darude in the darkness (ocheanos remix)
3DJ Disciple Work It Out ( Klaas Mix)
4Roy Gates The World Is Spinning (tribal mix)
5Roy Gates The World Is Spinning (maarten de jong mix)
6Leon Bolier Ocean Drive Boulevard (Joop Remix)
7Fragma Toca´s Miracle (Richard Durand Remix)
8Leon Bolier Ocean Drive Boulevard (Radio Edit)
9Chris Corrigan Pres Velvet Skies Amsterdam (Original Mix)
10Lidstroem The Magic Flute (Vocal Recontruct Mix)
11Rozza Feat. Tiff Lacey No More Rain (Rozza Vs Kiholm Club Mix)
12Unknown Cold Waters__Alex Chilcott Remix
13Simon Hunt Pres. LSH After Hours (Original Mix)
14Chris Corrigan Pres Velvet Skies Ellipsis (Original Mix)
15DJ Ostkurve Vs Sin with Sebastian Shut Up (and Sleep with Me) (Extended Version)
16Marninx Sweet Tears

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