Flip The Coin’s Dance Sampler Megamix (54 min)

Nico is dutch amateur mixer who has published two of his mixes on his website.

The 2nd is this Dance Sampler megamix. Dance Sampler was a serie of cd’s with (at that time) new tracks in the dutch house-scene. Nico mixed tracks from 4 of these cd’s together in a 54 minutes mix: Download at his site

NS Dingdong (from Nico's work at the trainstation)
From Our Minds To Yours (intro)
Chimo Bayo - A Si Me Gusta A Mi (XTA-Si, XTA-No)
Cappella - Everybody Techno Version Remix
Secret Mission - We're Going Down
The Point - Come On
RAF - We Gonna Get
The X - Secret Wish
Boom Generation - Sometimes
Boom Generation - T.V. Death
Turntable Terror - Break!
The Homer Project - Fear
Bam Bam - Get Wild
RJ's Rule - Rave This Nation
Holy Noise - Get Down Everybody
Body Mass - Echoes Of Johnny
Highstreet - Brainstorm
Intellect - Music Is Hipnotising
The X - In Trance
Egma - Let The Bass Kick
Phantasm - Subsonik
Incubus 1 - The Spirit Remix
Qube 45 - The Sequel
Ottrongo - Five O' Clock My Ass
Circle Of Souls - Future Dreams
Total Eclipse - (Construction Of My) E.G.O. (Egotrip 2 Mix)

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