This is my site where I (b)log about the mixes I ran into on my searches through the internet. 

I am a fan of megamixes, mashups and remixes. I mostly follow dutch mixers, so you’ll find mostly mixes made by dutch mixers.

The links I post are usually NOT directly to the files themselve, but to the site of the mixer where you can download them. They deserve credit fot their work, so I don’t steal their bandwidth, I just advertise their work. And.. If you like the mix, leave a comment on the mixers-site, or in the comments on this site.

And don’t forget to click some ads…


6 responses to “About

  1. i was recently in Australia and heard a fantastic mix of Bodyrox and Sugar Hill Gangs rappers delight .
    cant find it any where can you help??

  2. Hi Paddy. I searched to, and asked some friends. Unfortunately….. I haven’t found the mix.
    If you DO find it… Post me a link and I’ll put it up here!

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